Miss Smith Jazz
The artist profile of Jazz Singer, Composer & Improviser, Sylvia Schmidt

"Sylvia is an incredibly versatile improviser with a mesmerising tone, precise pitch and a cracking time feel. Her song interpretations are wonderfully lyrical and imaginative"


White Flower

Formed as a response to the erratic & all-consuming city of London, White Flower offers its audiences an opportunity to step away from urban life, pay attention to intimate sound, & be drawn into dream-like sonorities.


Esquivo – the elusive – unites a collective of musicians around the idea of cross-pollination. Their eclectic compositions, though rooted in jazz, explore a plethora of stylistic influences, geographic confluences and mood-swings.


Mimika Mak Murtic Ensemble is a London-based contemporary 8 – 20 piece Concept Avant Gard ensemble. The ensemble is noted for their cinematic theme based music, young contemporary jazz musicians and brass orchestrations.

Kitchman/Schmidt Duo

A duo focusing on improvisation with rising young jazz guitarist James Kitchman.


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Between The Lines

‘Between the Lines’ is a group of top London-based jazz musicians featuring a regular quartet line-up of singer, piano, drums and double bass.
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Blue Swan

Blue Swan bring together Jazz & Classical music to make special occasions “Unforgettable”. Sylvia joins them to deliver a sentimental journey to audiences.


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